COCOLEOCO born in 2000  in a litle typical Mexicain village call Concepcion Bamba;
 4 HOUR flight takes you from L.A. to HUATULCO

if you like the nature , the tranquility,to be  far of everything its the right place ;
no phone,  no TV,....  just you and the nature ;
don t worry now cocoleoco has internet  and you can have whatsapp ,skype,viber ....

how to get there?

by fly
you have to stop in the International Airport of HUATULCO;
then you have 3 options 
1/rent a car  (witch will Be the best option because around Bamba there are several secrets spost for surfing , and you can move easier  )
2/ take the bus(cost 50 pesos) ;you have to take a taxi direction " el central de autobus  en Huatulco  que va a Salina Cruz "(cost 120 pesos) this bus station is 20 mn from the airport at the entrance of HUATULCO  then take another  bus direction of Salina Cruz ,and then take a taxi o
a colectivo direction CONCEPCION BAMBA PLAYA . (taxi will cost you 300 pesos maximum , and the colectiovo 50pesos )
3/if you want to take a taxi from the airport to COCOLEOCO  , it  will cost you 1500 pesos max ; 

by road :
if you coming from PUERTO ESCONDIDO  you have to take the direction of the south road 200 in direction of Huatulco and then Salina cruz ;
you will pass HUATULCO  and then BARRA DE LA CRUZ  and then ASTATA ,
GARAPATEROS  and we are after the village EL SANJON  you will see the sign CONCEPCION BAMBA  take the right and go straight to the beach , you will automatically pass in front of COCOLEOCO ( we are 30 mn  before salina cruz )

                                    2 hours South of HUATULCO 
                                   30 mn North of SALINA CRUZ 
                                    5 hours South  of SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASA (chiapas state)
                                    5 hours from GUATEMALA board 
                                    5 hours from OAXACA city 
                                   1 hours from TEHUANTEPEC city 
                                   4 hours of San jose del Pacifico 
                                                     Cocoleoco salina cruz Mexico