The following activities can be enjoyed during your stay at Cocoleoco. They include exploring deserted beaches , all day hikes or fishing at dawn, to name just a few. If there are other activities that you have in mind, please feel free to discuss them with our activities director; he will be happy to assist you.


Lessons are very personal and detailed experiences. Once on the beach, the instructor will start with a quick stretch targeting the areas of the body you will use during the lesson. After going over ocean conditions for the day, you will get a sand practice of basic paddle and stand-up techniques that will prove useful once in the water to increase your wave catching and cultivate a hunger for surfing. You will also learn valuable tips on how to conserve energy and improve stamina. After the lesson, the instructor will analyze how you did and share with you a few dos and don'ts to help you next time you're out surfing.

                                                 SURF LESSONS
              SINGLE :                                          GROUPS: (8 poeples max)
   TIME             COST  :                                TIME              COST  :           
3 hours           30 usd                                3 hours           20  usd  each
1 hour             20 usd



prehispanic ritual 


A temazcal is a type of sweat lodge which originated in ancient Mexico with prehispanic indigenous people. The word temazcal comes from the Nahuatl word temazcalli (house of heat). In Mesoamerica it was used as part of elite warriors and athletes' routines before and after battles or imperial ball games. It was also used by healers to cure the sick, or to help women give birth.
During this solemn and symbolic ceremony, a Shaman will guide you through the antique protocol and invoke the four elements to purify your mind, body and soul.
Temazcal is not a spa treatment: it is an intense ritual that will challenge your body and train your mind for higher self-power. Cocoleoco recommends scheduling your group's temazcal at the beginning of your vacation. This initiation is the right first step to solidify bonds and ignite transformation.  20 USD per person 




let go and riding  horses over  a long white sand of bamba  and discover turtles, pink flamingos, and 2000 of birds species  you will have another perspective of the place you can go thruth those tipical mexican village ;


Feel free to take the kayak out for a ride and explore the 50acres lake around Cocoleoco, small fishermen villages, hidden pristine beaches, lost huts, it's a world to discover in a fun excursion that will give you an excellent core / arms / chest work-out. Don't forget to take a snorkel so you can take a peek at our submarine fauna.

surfboard repair 

you need to fixe and repair you board  don t worry Cocoleoco has a two profesional doctors   for that ;

If you need a special board for you ,  adapted excactly to you weith and you size and for Bamba wave  those two professional doctors will make you on ; 


if you want to learn spanish we have a teacher in cocoleoco who will organize spanish classe for you 

price 15 usd for one hour



we have a  local guide who can bring you in diferents beaches around bamba 

half day 30  USD 

full day 50 USD


Our cocoleoco Chefs invite you to join them in their kitchen to learn about the secrets of preparing authentic Mexican dishes and Cocoleoco specialties served in our  restaurants.